Conservative Corner: The War on Christianity

One of the reasons that people came to the new world in the 16th century was for the freedom to worship as they saw fit. Many people came to America to escape from an oppressive monarchy or government state religion. The New World provided a more independent way to live, worship, or even die, as one saw fit. Recently, however, it seems as though Christianity has come under attack from people who may or may not subscribe to the faith-based systems.
Of all the people on the planet, 84 percent of those people have a belief in God or a higher power. Of those 5.8 billion people who affiliate themselves with a religion, 2.2 billion people adhere to the Christian faith. Christians make up 32 percent of the entire world’s population. Unfortunately, even though Christianity is the predominate faith in the country; it seems to be under attack from other religions, atheists and the left even though it is protected by The Constitution.
The 1st Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Many people seem to have the idea that the “separation of church and state” belongs in this passage, but they would be incorrect. No place in the Constitution or Bill of Rights does the term “separation of church and state” appear.
In the eyes of many conservatives, that passage was written to keep America from adopting an “official” state religion and give its citizens the freedom to worship,(or not) anyone they choose. However, many liberals seem to have the idea that the phrase, “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” literally means a clear separation between the church (any church) and the state and/or federal government. This liberal yearning to separate God from the government has brought on a “war” against Christianity.
We can see the battles in various places from a child’s class room to the active military, to our courthouses and retail stores. The liberal/atheistic reach to curb, if not silence Christianity, spreads its arms far and wide. It appears as though the left hides behind the fear of being sued for “political correctness”. It seems as though our society has a fear of insulting everyone accept Christians. The ways Christians are treated today seems to be reminiscent of how the Jews were treated in Germany before WWII.
Teachers, whether or not they are told to, bring on an anti-Christian motif in the classroom. I find it puzzling that teachers and school administrators can subject students to the common core system and the love of Obama, the Democrats and the government but not the love of God. We also see this abandonment of God in the U.S. Military.
According to, an Obama administration official want to make it so any military personal who professes to follow Christianity as a faith could be court-martialed, dishonorably discharged and face imprisonment even if they are clergy. Fanatical anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and claims “Christians, including chaplains, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military are guilty of ‘treason,’ and of committing an act of ‘spiritual rape’ as serious a crime as ‘sexual assault.’ He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are ‘enemies of the Constitution.” So obviously gay can openly join the military, but Christians are forbidden to share their message. It looks as though the United States Government is trying to stifle the freedom of speech among its military ranks.
The left has been trying for years to keep any form of God out of the schools, even going as far as taking “one nation under God” out of the pledge. Opponents claim that Christianity unfairly targets other religions, however, since Christianity composes 80 percent of the population of the country that is like a political party complaining because their candidate didn’t win an election. I keep hearing about how Christianity in the public schools is an insult to other religions. Unfortunately, no one seems to worry about insulting Christians. Schools are intended for learning and not hate of fear. Another place the fear exists is the market place. People seem to fear saying Merry Christmas is stores as to avoid not insulting someone who is not Christian.
It is commonly know that Christmas is not the only holiday that Americans celebrate, but it is the one that is most widely celebrated. Most people, if they can identify a person’s belief system, will give them a customary holiday greeting, however, since most people in America either are Christians or follow Christian holiday customs, Saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays is not a sin.
In 2005 Wal-Mart chose to have its employees use the greeting “Happy Holidays” and not Merry Christmas in order not to offend anyone who may not celebrate Christmas, another attempt at giving more respect to other religions at Christmas. Wal-Mart has since change their decisions on the greeting, at least in their local stores, unfortunately, other people have not.
For 20 years the Santa Anna Court House in Orange County California proudly displayed a Christmas tree, but in 2009 “someone complained” and forced the tree to be removed. A person who was unhappy with the display claimed the holiday decoration was part of a “vast right wing conspiracy”, according to
Many people do recognize that Jesus Christ was most likely not born on December 25th in the year 0000, or that Mary and Joseph didn’t not have a tree, or have a yule log, but does any of that truly matter? Christmas is a truly wonderful time of the year when the best of people come out. More people give to charities, attend social functions and spend more time with family than any other time of the year. The smile of the little children, the lights on the house and tree, the music in the air can tame even the coldest Grinch. Even Ebenezer Scrooge saw the error of his ways after the visits from the three ghosts. It is very unlikely that even the most intense atheist will never see a spirit to convince him of how special the season really is, but does that give them the right to ruin it for those who do belive?
It’s a shame that people, no matter what their belief, or lack thereof, feel the need to destroy the magic of the season of Christmas. And whether you believe it or not, Jesus is the reason for the season. Not where he was born or when he was born, but that the Son of God was indeed born. It was at that time that God gave us the best gift ever, his son. So the next time you wish to bestow upon someone a delightful holiday greeting, please say the greeting that best describes what the season is really all about and be wary of the liberals who chose to wage some kind of war upon the largest faith group in the world, the Christians.
Above all else, please be of good cheer this holiday season and remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus.
Merry Christmas,



Conservative Corner: Are We Really Tolerant?

With the advancement of political correctness and social justice we seem to have fallen under the ironclad choke-hold of what many people call tolerance and fairness. We as a society have used the word “tolerant” so much it seems to have lost meaning, and possible its true meaning.  

Today we commonly see and hear of intolerance as being racist, homophobic, anti-gender, and anti-class but there are more intolerances that aren’t commonly recognized in a liberal society. Anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic and anti-religion (especially anti-Christian), and sometimes anti-free speech are intolerances that you may not see on the cable news or see in liberal publications. defines tolerance as a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own. This, however, that is not always the case. It seems as though the “hate card” is only played when conservatives do something unpopular with liberals and progressives.

When a small business or company stands up for their faith against a wall of opposition and feel they cannot betray their faith by making products that is against what they believe in? It would stand to reason that liberals would understand the pain people feel when others try to changing their values or punish them for their views. Chick-Fil-A and Sweet Cakes by Mellissa in Gresham, Oregon have felt the pressure. The gay/lesbian supporter’s boycott of Chick-Fil-A backfired with the Christian community giving support to the fast food restaurant. The Gresham bakery wasn’t so lucky. On August 30th the bakery closed their doors and forced the owners to work from their homes. To this day they still receive hateful messages on their Face Book page. That doesn’t seem very tolerant or fair to me.

The Tea Party has been the target of such intolerance by those on the “left side of the isle” almost since the conception of the organization. It is no secret that many liberals and progressive Democrats have little, to no respect for the conservative grass roots organization.  The black Democrat representative from California, Maxine Waters, said, “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the ‘tea party’ can go straight to Hell!”, as reported by Again we see another instance of hypocrisy of those who follow the lead of liberals. Again, that appears far from tolerant.

If you see a person walking down the street with a pistol peeping out of the holster under their clothing, what’s the next thing on your mind? Do you scream “OH MY GOD, A GUN!” as you point and immediately call 911 or do you relax and realize that if something happens chances are the person with the pistol will probably help keep you safe until the police arrive. Many liberals and progressives seem to think that taking guns away from everyone is the safest thing to do. Many actually want to completely remove guns from Mr. and Mrs. America. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.) is in favor of this kind of action. All in all at least 9 Democrats strongly favor tighter gun laws or even removing guns from the population of the county according to Once again, where is the tolerance for the 2nd Amendment supporter and law-abiding gun owner?

We get constantly bombarded from the mass media and progressive left on the “hatred” from the Tea Party, Republicans, and other like-minded groups. Every time a Republican Congressman votes against a liberal idea, he or she gets labeled in a negative light. However, when a Democrat does something negative against Republicans or conservatives it is either ignored or it is blamed on Republicans and they are accused of wagering a “war” against  certain groups and are again labeled, homophobic, anti-gender, anti-class and others.

 If we could step back and see the bigger picture and look at the world though another’s eyes we would see the intolerances clearly go in both directions. Are you truly a tolerant person? Look at someone with whom you don’t agree with politically and/or socially. Would you consider them a racist, homophobic, anti-gender, and anti-class person? If you do then perhaps you’re not as tolerant as you thought you were.

As I see it, we should not be concentrating on mere tolerance to bridge the gap between our disagreements and differences, but instead we should be looking more toward acceptance.  Try not to just “tolerate” someone but accept them for who they are, even if they are a conservative, Tea Party member who votes Republican.



Conservative Corner: Fiscal Responsibility The Hard Way

As you may have heard by now, there will be some very noticeable cutbacks on campus that will affect us all in an attempt to battle a gapping $2.9 million hole in the LBCC budget. The Oregon and U.S. economy has been struggling for years and, as we have seen, the effects have been noticeable. With the decline of employed people paying taxes comes the short fall of the state, federal budget. A 5% drop in LBCC enrollment is also a part of the reason for the budget cutbacks.

 Republicans and conservatives blame The Obama Administration and the Democrats for a badly floundering economy, while the Democrats and progressives point their accusing fingers at the Republicans for stifling what they call “economic growth”. No matter who may be at fault, one thing for certain is our government’s lack of fiscal responsibility.

Since LBCC does get money from the state government, and the State of Oregon has a higher than average unemployment numbers, it stands to reason that there would be consequences for the lack of tax income from working people. According to, Oregon has been suffering with 8.4% unemployment since last January. The national unemployment rate at that same time was 7.9%. Could this be the consequences of a democratic and progressive run state?  Who knows?

The Albany Democrat-Herald has reported that Linn-Benton Community College President Greg Hamann has said that 23 positions will be eliminated, the baseball and women’s basketball programs will go, and there will be a $3 raise in tuition to $94. Whether you’re partial to a person of the layoff list, a baseball or basketball fan, or a student on a tight budget, the cuts will affect us all and many will feel the pain. The tuition hike is pending the vote from the LBCC Board of Education and will likely take effect July 1st.

At the risk of sounding like a heartless, animal, perhaps the cutbacks might be a good thing. Although the idea of losing important and extremely qualified people and very worthy programs will definitely hurt the institution, however, this could be the long pain-full treatment we need for our financial ailments.

When the typical family experiences economic hard ships, what would be the logical thing to do? Borrow money from family members, take out another credit card, take out an additional mortgage on the family house, or ask the government for a bail-out? Of course not! The family will use common sense. If the family members cannot find additional income they will eliminate unnecessary expenses, luxuries and would stop spending beyond their means and perhaps even financially downgrade their lifestyle. Maybe if the current presidential administration tried more of this tactic we wouldn’t be where we are today financially as a country.

Perhaps if LBCC didn’t try to rely too heavily upon the finances from an  already burdened tax payer and a state in a recession and found ways to be more efficient with tuition and tax payer money, things may be different. It is well know how tough the economy is here in Oregon, but looking toward a balanced budget as a butcher with a block full of meat isn’t quite the way most of us would like to see it.

No one on campus wants to see faculty and staff leave or programs get cut, but if we all look at it in a fiscally conservative way, we might see the cut backs may be for the better. After all, we all need the school to have a balanced budget to operate effectively. As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.  It is very unlikely that Greg Mamann’s choice to eliminate positions and programs will  kill the school, but perhaps it will makes us a little more aware of our financial choices when economic times get better.



Conservative Corner; The Media: Fair and Balanced?

The youth of today may not remember the immense credibility of real journalism. There was a time when a reporter or news anchorperson could inform the public of an event without bias, influence, or personal opinion. The times when a family can turn on the TV or the radio and listen to men like Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow and trust them to tell the truth about an event or happening. Unfortunately, that is not happening today. The days of real journalism are almost all but dead.
How many times have you turned on the television or radio to hear so some idiot give his opinion of a news story? From O’Riely and Hannity on Fox News to Piers Morgan and Chris Matthews on CNN and MSNBC, the spin goes both ways. It’s a wonder we all don’t throw up. The media, unlike Fox Radio’s claim, is anything but fair and balanced.
It is well known that Fox News is moderate to right in their political and social views, while the rest of the major TV news outlets are pretty much moderate to far left. Every TV news broadcast has an agenda. I have wondered why most of the young people of today will get their “news” from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central, however, they think Fox News is a joke. Unfortunately, even the old “tried-and-true” Networks like CBS, NBC and ABC have seem fallen to the popularity of the young liberal mind set.
For some reason the news programs of today seem to have pushed aside just reporting the facts and feel compelled to bring in people who claim to be experts on a given topic and analyze the story until it turns into an unorganized shouting match. The cable news networks are especially bad at “debating” on the air.
Most every news outlet endorses a candidate during an election, however, it appears that too many of these news sources who call themselves moderates do not endorse candidates who are moderates. Today CNN, MSNBC and others like to gleefully praise the re-election of Obama and seem to go out of their way to support his policies, even if they are unconstitutional. Even the printed word has jumped aboard the liberal/Obama worship bandwagon. Both Time and Newsweek magazine has named Obama as “The Man of the Year”, and called his re-election “The Second Coming”. This was also made clear in the last political debates with the choice of moderators.
Fair and balanced news is where you chose to find it biased on your personal views, however, journalism is not. Journalism is reporting the facts and, if necessary, the unpleasant and ugly truth. Many believe that the liberal news media helped Barack Obama win the election. Not many news sources do this. The lack of reporting on the Benghazi scandal, Fast and Furious, voter fraud, The Secret Service prostitution scandal, Solyndra, the lack of positive Tea Party and 2nd Amendment coverage are clear signs that most of the media have a clear bias and far from real journalism. For more evidence of media bias you can go to, or if you have Netflix, look up the documentary, “Media Malpractice”.
I miss the days of Walter Cronkite telling me “And that’s the ways it is” and knowing that it is close to the true, like it or not. The journalists on both sides of the political and social news desks really need to step back and find the real news and not just crap they think we want or what their bosses tell us. So, the next time you turn on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, ask yourself if it is real journalism or is some “talking head” trying to fill your ear with garbage in order to boost ratings.