Conservative Corner- Convenience or Mayhem From Above,

One of the issues that many in Western civilization face in the modern world is the lack of moderation when it comes to technology. Technology can indeed be a wonderful thing. We can now keep track of events around the world in real time, we can do research on any given topic from nearly anywhere in the world, and we can keep up with and play games with friends and family from the other side of the room or the other side of the planet. Unfortunately, too many people take the use of modern technology to far.
We have went from using our phones to make simple calls to use them to play games, take photos, browse the internet, and make calls. Those things aren’t necessarily bad, however, too many people seem to spend their lives glued to their devices and not making human contact.
A new technology is surfacing in the world of high tech, this new device is the unmanned wireless air craft known as drones. Like any other kind of tool, its popularity and success depends upon it use. Drones are being planned for commercial service. According to, Domino’s Pizza is in the process of using drones for delivery. Likewise, tells us that Amazon is planning to use drones to deliver packages that are 5 pounds or less in 30 minutes or less. Unfortunately, until the FAA approves the use of unmanned wireless air craft, you will just have to wait until at least Dec 31 of 2015 to have your new tablet and pizza to land on your door step by a drone.
One the other hand, as the science fiction movies and history has told us, big government will never pass up an opportunity to use technology against its own people to further an agenda. The proof that the Obama administration is targeting conservative groups is now overwhelming. tell us about of the IRS targeting right-leaning groups for IRS surveillance and monitoring websites, group activities, and any public information wherever it is available. It has also been documented that through “bad metadata’ innocent lives have been lost”.
I’m sure that the United States Government doesn’t want to target American citizens by using drones to search, locate, gather information and, if necessary, eliminate the possible hazard. The use of drones by the U.S. Government to locate threats to America is an idea most Americans can support, however, what would the government classify as threats to national security? tells us that Attorney General Eric Holder said in a speech last year that American citizens who pose an “imminent threat of violent attack” may be targeted, although the “violent attack” isn’t specific. According to The Washington Times, the Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement officials about “rightwing extremist activity” including those against Obama and disgruntled war veterans. Does this mean the Government will be using drones to locate and spy on and eliminate the “right-wing threat”?
Drones are not all bad. Like any other tool, it’s all how it’s used. Drones can also help police, guard the boarders, monitoring irrigation on farms, helping to sell real estate and locating lost hikers. Embracing technology, even for older people, can be and should be a good.
Drones can be a wonderful tool for convenience and information if we can just keep it that way. If drones are allowed to do quick delivery any one can get a fresh, hot pizza with 30 minutes without the delivery boy. As long as certain people in the government and companies can use drones safely and productively, we can experience the convenience and not the mayhem.


About D.K. Hummel
I am a dis-placed Alaskan, Ham radio operator, Broadcaster/DJ, Seahawk fan, Alaska Aces fan, U.S. Army Vet, and a conservative; but not always in that order.

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