Conservative Corner: The Lost Children

Something very special happens when a person gazes into the eyes of a child. The beauty and innocents of that fresh face is enough to melt the coldest of hearts. The birth of a child can bring overwhelming love, happiness and joy to the eyes of the family. A newborn brings on new and exciting challenges to first time parents and gives a huge sense of love and pride to the family who are given a brand new addition and a guarantee that the family line will continue. Unfortunately, some women chose to end the young life that grows inside them.
Doctors in the United States preformed 1.21 million abortions in 2005. According to, 40% of pregnancies among white women, 69% among blacks and 54% among Hispanics are unintended. Oregonian women have had their share of abortions. It has been reported by that the Oregon has had 4,928 abortions in 2013. Linn County women experienced 165 abortions in 2012 and 139 in 2013 as tells us. It is sad that so many Oregon women have chosen to take the life of their child.
One of the organizations that have provided many of these life-ending choices is the oxy-moron know as Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does offer other important services, like care for STDs, birth control, and men’s women’s health, however, in 2012 51 percent of Planned Parenthood’s yearly clinic income, their only self-sustaining revenue source, comes from tax payer-funded abortion according to
The question many have asked is when life actually begins. This question seems to make it easier for some women to end the life of their child. Perhaps the idea that is the young life inside of them isn’t really a child, but just a glob of cells. This is a futile notion. CNN reported that Dr. Joseph DeCook, executive director of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, has said an embryo is a living human being at the moment of fertilization. Dr. Cook went on with “There’s no question at all when human life begins, when the two sets of chromosomes get together, you have a complete individual. It’s the same as you and I but less developed.”
It seems to me when a woman goes for an abortion it is an incredible selfish act. She will claim that is her body and her choice, however, for the next 9 months she won’t be the only one in there. She may also say that there is no other way, but there is always a way for the life of a child. I can maybe see the use for an abortion if the birth is complicated and the mother’s and child’s life is in danger, but even under rape or incest, if the mother doesn’t need or want the reminder of a truly traumatic experience, someone will want to adopt the child no matter the mother’s back ground.
The life of a child is truly a blessed gift from God, so why would we just throw them away? Let’s end most of these senseless murders and not have any more forever lost children.,


About D.K. Hummel
I am a dis-placed Alaskan, Ham radio operator, Broadcaster/DJ, Seahawk fan, Alaska Aces fan, U.S. Army Vet, and a conservative; but not always in that order.

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