Conservative Corner: Is Mary Jane That Attractive?

There was a time when the use of marijuana was represented by hippies, beach bums and stoners. Well, those children of the joint have grown up, received an education, and found a way to gaze through the smoke and are now attempting to rewrite the law on what may or may not be harmful.  Twenty of the 50 states have already approved the medical use of marijuana and 2 of the 50 have passed the recreational use of the drug according to the Washington Post, with Oregon, Alaska and California in the wait.

            Marijuana is not a new substance, there are records dating back to 2727 B.C. regarding the use by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. It was also familiar with the Ancient Greeks, Romans and the Middle East. The Spaniards are reported to have imported it to Chile for its fiber use. Cannabis has been used in North America as hemp for rope, clothing, and paper. As tells us, marijuana and hemp is used in a variety to products including drinks, candy, coffee, body lotion, makeup, and even shampoo.

            It is become more obvious that marijuana is gaining popularity, especially in liberal states, but does it come without a cost? Like anything else that is smoked, there is a negative side to pot. Dr. Daniele Piomelli, a professor of pharmacology at the University of California, tells us on that “There is no question that it is dangerous. Smoking is not a natural way of consuming any substance.” She goes on to say that excessive smoking can be as or more dangerous than tobacco use. “It can do a lot of things to the body. The smoke itself, the tar and irritants and toxins and all sort of different things that have nothing to do with the reason why people smoke marijuana, which is for the euphoria, the ‘the high’- they are all problematic”

            Another problem with the recreational use of pot is the “cultural attributions” Dr. Piomelii also says that “the issue is that cannabis produces inhibition of movement, relaxation, sexual arousal, sensory heightening, and euphoria. All these are phenomena that are not in line with the work ethics of our society.”

            A problem with the symptoms associated with the overdose of marijuana is that it seems most users have become desensitized to the effects. informs us that contrary to what most people believe, marijuana can be addictive. A person who takes in too much of the drug may not act like the person in the 1937 film, Reefer Madness, but everyone acts differently to different chemicals. If one people smokes and can perform day-to-day functions like a normal person, does that mean someone else who smokes won’t plow into a bus load of children because they were high?

Many proponents of the controlled substance claim that there are no negative side effects and only positive reasons for smoking it.  Medical and personal research has shown that medical marijuana is useful in easing the pain for some ailments. I know people who can’t take “traditional” drugs to combat pain; however, they do use special strains of the plant to ease their suffering. I don’t have a big problem with marijuana as a medication, as long as it stays that way and is regulated as such. I don’t need Spicoli to go speeding down the road in a smoke-filled van and kill someone while trying to reach his next joint just because recreational marijuana is legal.

Legalizing medicinal marijuana in more states isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I am worried, however, that the more states that legalize pot for medicinal use will legalize it for recreational use and put more people in danger by the hand of someone who has smoked too much and is not responsible for the outcome of his or her euphoric high.  I smoked pot in my early twenties, and I recall how it affected me and my friends.  It’s a feeling I don’t miss and I’m thankful for outliving it.

The only good thing about making marijuana legal would be the money from the sales and taxes, but would anyone risk the danger of having a stoned kid at the wheel of a 1500 pound vehicle just for a few dollars of tax revenue?

Despite the popular opinion of the controlled substance, pot isn’t as “harmless” as many think and the idea of just anyone walking into a pot store buying something and driving anywhere is freighting. If Oregon passes the “pot law” just think of the chances that you could become the victim of someone who just wanted to get high.



About D.K. Hummel
I am a dis-placed Alaskan, Ham radio operator, Broadcaster/DJ, Seahawk fan, Alaska Aces fan, U.S. Army Vet, and a conservative; but not always in that order.

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