Conservative Corner: A Glance Behind the Tea Party Label

When you think of the Tea Party Movement what comes to mind? Perhaps to have been told they are a bunch of rouge, far right-wing racist extremists secretly funded by the Republican Party, or maybe a group of patriotic people who love God, family and country. Maybe you know nothing of the Tea Party Movement. Despite what the liberal/progressive media has reported about the movement, or what your neighbors may have told you, you may not know the grass-roots, conservative organization or what they really believe.

The Tea Party movement appears to be fighting an uphill battle with their critics screaming out myths, half-truths, and sometimes bold-face lies from many sides. According to, an anti-tea party, liberal group, the tea party movement shows “hatred, division, virulent, unpredictable anger, violent threats and posturing by the Tea-Baggers present a real danger to the lives of President Obama, his family, his administration, Congressional Democrats and liberal progressives of all stripes”. The website goes on to say that the, “Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process” The deception and lies of the liberal media continues with the New York Times in a Dec. 26, 2012 article with the statement that the movement was “anti-government”.

During the 2008 tax “season”, people from all over the country protested in Washington DC and at their state capitols to show their disapproval to the way the government was being run. This event was not covered by the cable TV news. If it was covered at all, it was done so in a very negative way.

It’s true, there is a lot of negativity and trash-talking about the Tea Party, however, the truth is out there and it will shed some positive light on this conservative, social/political, grass-roots activist group of American patriots.

The Tea Party movement has no founder or exact date of birth; however, it does have inspiration. Many in the movement credit the original Boston Tea Party of 1773 as the driving force for its actions, as tell us. According to, two people began the passion for the movement as we know it today. Rick Santelli stood on the floor on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and let loose on the famous rant that aired on CNBC and Keli Carender, a Seattle housewife, is known as “Liberty Belle”. Her blog is credited for a great deal of the early action in the Tea Party movement.

According to, there are 15 main “Non-negotiable Core Beliefs”, which include responsible and legal immigration, a strong military and defense, support of the 2nd Amendment, limited government, an end to deficit spending, and others. Many in the movement gather their strengths from a “holy trinity”, if you will, which is God, family and country. They rely heavily on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for their inspiration, and believe these two documents are the law of the land.

Even though there are few minorities in the Tea Party Movement, all are welcome despite race, creed or political ideals. It is believed that the negative coverage from the liberal media like CNN, MSNBC, Politico and others are to blame to the low minority numbers in the movement. To see more on the Tea Party movement and the people it attracts, go to and to see what it’s really like, go to and see their version of Face Book at

The Tea Party Movement is not about a bunch of white, racist, anti-immigrant, homophobic, old people who are board of their retirement and want to get exercise by ruining the country. These are Americans of every walk of life who are trying to demand a fiscally responsible, constitutionally limited government, a free market system and a life free from government intrusion.

 While you are enjoying your spring break this year, ask yourself this question; is your country acting responsible? Are we as a country fiscally and socially responsible? Is America heading in the right direction in regards to spending, the deficit, taxes, unemployment, and corruption? If you don’t think so, then rest a little easier. The Tea Party Movement is hard at work fighting for the constitutionally guaranteed rights of “we the people” of these United States of America.

                                          Have a great spring break.


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About D.K. Hummel
I am a dis-placed Alaskan, Ham radio operator, Broadcaster/DJ, Seahawk fan, Alaska Aces fan, U.S. Army Vet, and a conservative; but not always in that order.

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